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  • Commented by ricick on 9th December on this question

    Apparently he was so excited at having kicked his height he forgot to do the next bit.

  • Commented by mr rea on 30th October on this question

    you don't get sunburned scuba diving the water absorbs the sun rays if i am 29 feet under the water i could lye their all day and not get burned also most likely you ware a suit so how can you get burned. i think the rickster is confusing diving and preparing to go diving

  • Commented by ricick on 30th September on this question

    The subject is ActionScript 3. AS2 does tend to behave differently.

  • Commented by ricick on 24th September on this question

    According to wikipedia this is correct

  • Commented by nmtoken on 24th September on this question

    I always thought it was either 3/4 closer, or 4/3 bigger. I'm not sure it can be both.

  • Commented by ricick on 16th September on this question

    An object with no references to it may be collected by the garbage collector on its next sweep, but there is no way to absolutely make an object be garbage collected straight away.

    Frequency of garbage collection is primarily governed by the memory available to flash player as a whole.

  • Commented by Dana Glenn on 13th September on this question

    A tank is something the Army uses. SCUBA divers use cylinders. Obviously, these questions are PADI or worse.

  • Commented by Dana Glenn on 13th September on this question

    I have been trained by PADI and SSI. In PADI training an octopus is the whole air delivery system (which is what SSI calls it). In SSI, it is called the safe second and it is meant for your buddy. PADI never bothered to teach me the name of this. This is a bad question.

  • Commented by Brett Campbell on 5th September on this question

    Your wet suit question is perhaps too regionalized, and there are tons of much more pertinent, relevant and less-trivial questions to ask than this.

    More safety-oriented questions please, rather than equipment nomenclature. These are more relevant, especially to newer divers.

    Your question that includes "bar" should also include "atmospheres absolute" for U.S. divers.

    Fun quiz all the same. Thank you for it!

  • Commented by ricick on 27th August on this question

    Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Helium are all scuba breating gases.

    Argon can be used to inflate scuba dry suits.

    Acetylene is commonly used in welding.