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More tags

  • Ricky once went in to a Burger King in Leicester Square and ordered a cheese burger and small fries. The boy behind the till (recognising who he was serving) handed Ricky the food and winked, "I put large fries in!"
    When discussing this later, Stephen Merchant asked if Ricky remembered the boys name, what name did Ricky (jokingly) give?
    • Lenny Henry
    • Ralph Littleton
    • Jo Henderson
    Added by an anonymous user : 11th October


  • Scrum is a ... process?
    • experimental
    • Hybrid
    • waterfall
    • Empirical
    Added by an anonymous user : 14th July


  • What type of coffin did Karl have made up for him and Suzanne?
    • Kitkat
    • Twirl
    • Twix
    Added by an anonymous user : 26th May


  • Did katnis and Peta get married?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
    Added by an anonymous user : 13th May


  • Who was killed by Maval
    • Clove
    • Thresh
    • Rue
    Added by an anonymous user : 13th May


  • What didn’t Dad give John for his birthday?
    • a poster
    • a cake
    • a bunny
    • a pie
    Added by an anonymous user : 30th March : Source


  • what causes type 1 diabetes?
    • Genetics
    • Obesity
    • Poor Diet
    Added by user342 : 4th March


  • pearlite is a mixture of which of the following?
    • Ferrite and Cementite
    • Cementite and Austenite
    • Cementite and Martensite
    Added by an anonymous user : 3rd March


  • The Impact test is used to determine the__________of the material.
    • Toughness
    • Ductility
    • Strength
    Added by an anonymous user : 21st January


  • Stress-relief annealing temperature from ....................... .
    • 1000 to 1200°F
    • 1333 to 1554°F
    • 967 to 1000°F
    • 500 to 750°F
    Added by emad : 11th January


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